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CBD Oil Spray and Tinctures Ingested by Mouth and Growing Legal Hemp

CBD oil spray and tinctures ingested by mouth are sold, as is, or as an ingredient in supplements as an alternative medicine to help in the treatment of many ailments.

To date, the FDA has not authorised any cannabis marketing application for the treatment of any disease or illness and therefore has not concluded that cannabis is safe and effective for any medical condition.

But very many testimonials are available online and elsewhere which suggest that the benefits are frequent and wide-ranging. Benefits are commented on such as for ailments like arthritis, insomnia, depression, diabetes, anxiety, and depression.

CBD Prescribed by Doctors in Some Nations – Oil Spray and Tinctures Available Commercially

CBD oil spray may be prescribed by doctors in some nations for major cancers. It is also very often available for sale via retail outlets. So, we decided to write this article to explain some of the issues for CBD oil spray and tinctures ingested by mouth.

Why we Prefer Full-spectrum CBD Products?

Multiple cannabis plant extracts, along with essential oils, terpenes, and several other cannabinoids, like cannabinol, are included in a full-spectrum CBD oil, spray, or tincture product.

Full-spectrum C.B.D. products can also incorporate up to 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid in cannabis that causes people to feel “high.”

When the THC content is kept below the 0.3% concentration you don’t experience any “highs”.

Full-spectrum CBD products seem to be receiving better reviews than the pure CBD only equivalent products, so many say it is best to choose the full-spectrum products.

Much of what is said here about the oil spray and tinctures also applies to other forms of CBD.

Is a CBD Oil Spray or Tincture Considered by Advocates to be Safe when Ingested by Mouth?

Hemp oil, which is also known as CBD oil, is generally considered by its advocates to be safe when ingested by mouth.

However, if CBD oil is applied to sensitive areas such as the skin or eyes, it must be handled with caution.  It is often taken at a very low dose even by mouth.

Recommended Dose for Applying CBD Oil to the Skin

The recommended dose for applying CBD oil to the skin is measured in milligrams per kilogram of body weight and stated in the instructions for the use of each proprietary product.

For the eye, the dose is always low in milligrams. Consult your doctor first.

The amount of CBD in hemp oil varies from product to product.

Products that contain a low percentage of CBD tend to be the most popular. The concentration in hemp oil is important.

CBD Oil Sold on the Major Online Outlets Such as Amazon

The same is true for CBD oil available on the major outlets such as Amazon, and the amount, too. Legal CBD oils contain as little as 0.3%, while others can have a higher percentage. The latter has many applications for the body and brain, especially when consumed by mouth.

How Can CBD Help Alleviate the Symptoms of so Many Ailments?

To understand how CBD oil is beneficial to your body, you need to understand how closely the chemical resembles important well-being related chemicals in the human brain. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant/ hemp as the oil. The oil must be extracted through a particularly high quality controlled procedure to produce a high-quality CBD oil.

How are CBD Oil Spray and Tinctures Manufactured?

The oil must be refined, or separated, to produce pure CBD oil. CBD is produced in a two-step process. The first step is to remove the CBD from the whole cannabis/ hemp plant.

The second step is to separate the CBD from the other compounds of the plant. The whole plant must be separated, or refined.

It is this second step that yields the CBD oil you see advertised as containing CBD.

Image text: "CBD Oil Spray and Tinctures".

Isolating CBD for Use in Treatment/ Supplements

Once you isolate CBD, it must be consumed by mouth for the benefits we have listed. The use of CBD, even for topical application, has in the past been the source of many lawsuits and legal challenges.

However, since the Farm Bill of 2018, the legal status of CBD oil and tinctures has exploded in popularity as a health commodity.

It is now legal in the vast majority of US states. The 2018 Farm Bill was the first federal law to legalise hemp. It was excluded from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Schedule I registry of controlled substances.

Efficient CBD Ingestion

The CBD oil is most quickly absorbed in our bodies when consumed by mouth under our tongues, or on the surfaces of the mouth. When consumed by mouth, you are consuming the active CBD component of the hemp plant.

The CBD in the hemp plant is not psychoactive (hallucinatory). But for many people according to their reports, it produces a feeling of well being.

CBD will cause relaxation, improved sleep, and a positive mental feeling. It is this feeling of well being that is so appealing and causes its user to desire more of it. There are many reasons to desire more CBD.

The CBD in hemp can also be ingested in foods raw or cooked. Little if any peer-reviewed and reliable CBD research projects have been done into CBD in food.

There is little data for example, on how much CBD remains after cooking. But some say that it is best if the initial CBD used is stronger. For the best effect, the food should be eaten immediately.

CBD Without the “Highs”

Many people are not convinced that CBD can be consumed without becoming euphoric and relaxing. The only effect that is actually seen when the THC concentration is at or below the legal maximum, is the relaxing effect.

That is particularly true if the CBD is taken after work. After work, people are tired and the relaxation effect is most appreciated.

It is for this very reason that many companies advertise CBD oil as containing 25mg of CBD.

This is because some CBD is absorbed by the liver after a meal, and is excreted in the urine at a higher rate than the dietary intake.

Therefore, 25mg of CBD is excreted in the urine, even though it may contain a lower amount than the dietary intake.

Why Choose CBD in a “Full-Spectrum” Product (Oil Spray or Tincture)

For the best effects reported by users of the oil or tincture, all parts of the cannabis plant except the resin are used. These must be purified to make CBD in a so-called “full-spectrum” product.

The resin is refined to produce oil and the CBD oil is then purified to produce the finished CBD oil.

The CBD is purified into CBD oil. The CBD is produced from all parts of the cannabis plant.

CBD is available in the UK. It is also easily available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

What is CBD Gum?

Companies are also marketing CBD gum. It is the same product, just branded CBD. It can be sold in any of the countries where CBD is available.

Legal Aspects of Cultivating CBD from Hemp (a Cannabis Species)

It is only legal to cultivate cannabis in the UK with special government permission for research purposes and use in prescriptions when prescribed by doctors. For the time being, nobody is growing cannabis legally in the UK for anything other than these purposes.

Cannabis is not sold as a cure, and cannot be sold as a medicine. This is a good thing because the science of CBD is not ready. The research is not ready, because the human testing researchers are not ready to report on the many findings.

The commercialization of science in this area is also not ready. Until the conditions of bodies such as the FSA (US) and the FCA (UK) are met, it would be dangerous to assume that the science is ready. Until all those conditions are met, any assumption that the science is ready is just plain wrong.

Growing Cannabis Hemp for Research Purposes

The first condition that has to be met before anyone grows cannabis for research purposes is that the cannabinoid content has to be below 0.3%. So for research, the THC content has to be no greater than 0.3% before anyone can sell cannabis oil.

With THC content of greater than 0.3%, the plant cannot be legally grown in many countries ( laws may change so check this assertion locally before taking any action). However, the industry is growing so fast and so many new producers are finding it hard to find the right hemp/ cannabis plants to grow legally.

THC the Psychoactive Ingredient

The reason is that THC is a psychoactive ingredient. If the psychoactive ingredient is not present, it may be ready for research as long as there is also a high CBD content. It is logical to assume that there is an excessive psychoactive ingredient present in the high THC hemp strains.

Once the CBDA is separated from THC, it can be tested and the THC concentration identified as being below the legal maximum.

The presence of CBD sufficient for a beneficial effect should also be verified. Once it has been separated and assuming that the test shows an adequate concentration of CBD, it can be marketed.

CBD Products with the Required Low THC Content But Lacking in CBD

It is logical to assume that no CBD products will be available through reputable outlets if insufficient CBD has been identified. But even just a year or two ago, a study looked for the presence of any CDB at all. For a number of CBD products, they failed to find any CBD.

The suppliers may be experiencing a problem in finding the hemp strains that have suitably low THC for medical cannabis patients to consume. If you do not have a suitable strain of cannabis to make CBD for the public to consume, buying it will hard. It will be in short supply currently.

The strain you grow will have to be tested for THC and CBD to enable it to be advertised for research or for use as a supplement.

Establishing CBD Content in Potentially Useful Hemp Species Strains

With the start of the growing process, more work can be carried out on the CBD content. That is the basic logic for growing cannabis for research purposes.

Once the research has been carried out, the very low THC strains can be sold and the commercial operation can be started. The commercial operation can be set up after marketing the strains for research purposes.

I don’t know what all these stages have in common. But it seems logical to me that a company may have to set up operations in all the stages to get high-quality cannabis CBD ready to sell.

I could be wrong. I really don’t know. What I do know is that only some of the research strains are suitable for legal consumption.

High-quality marijuana (THC) strains cannabis are not legal in most jurisdictions unless used for research purposes only. When you start to grow for commercial purposes, suitable hemp strains will need to be found and tested. So I would suggest researching some different strains to start with, to help get your business off to a good start.

Testing Research Strains for THC and CBD

The research strains should be tested for THC and CBD, to enable marketing the strain and for research purposes. The THC and CBD levels should be tested to enable the strains to be labelled for research purposes. The branding of the research strains should start to get ready for marketing as possible for the maximum number of people to benefit. A marketing company may make money selling video about the strain and the strain will be high quality.

Research Growers Perform a Useful Function for the CBD Industry

If you have grown cannabis for research purposes, then I hope you have done a good job. As a grower, I have to say, you will have done well to find a useful strain.

But it is a matter of in-truth the degree of skill needed to produce high-quality CBD for consumption even once you have grown good CBD material.

We hope you will inform the CBD production community of what you have done to produce a high-quality cannabis hemp species for legal consumption.

Here is an example of a research strain for the production of legal cannabinoids:

  • grown from an old brewer’s seed
  • crossbred for resistance to mosaic virus and blackspot virus
  • strain is known to have been previously used by a big pharma company
  • is a strain of cannabis
  • a good chance the strain will produce a lot of resin of high quality and price.

CBD Strain Classification and Naming

If you are growing for marketing, then the strain needs to be indicated as a high CBD, high THC, Sativa, or Indica species. I would recommend calling the breeders to ensure that you can label the strain correctly. You can also take note of the reviews given by your customers when they buy from you.

Take note of which strains they recommend most often as being the most effective for them. Buy more each season of only the most positively reviewed hemp strains.

As a grower I have to say, you need to be careful. One strain which has been bred recently for resistance to the blackspot virus is no longer as resistant as it was.

Your customer base will not stick around if the quality of your product goes down. However, it is not so simple as simply growing the best strains for their results if those plant crops fail due to disease.

Product Makers Must Get to Know Their Strains

I hope I have made you aware of how important you need to know your strains. A lot of strains are called Sativa.

There are strains that are Sativa and Indica. We have some others which are trichomes but still be Sativa or Sativa and Indica hybrid. And they can have different cannabinoid levels. If you have a strain that is high in CBD, low in THC, Indica or Sativa, you need to take care to maintain the purity of the strain correctly.

You must be certain that you are growing what you say you are growing.

If you can learn and understand genetics, you will have an advantage. The way genetics works is not a black box. It is well understood by those who have done the training.

Sellers must ask their suppliers questions about the strain and purity of a crop grown and sold as that strain. They must receive satisfactory answers to those questions before making their products.

The Future Reputation of CBD Oil Spray and Tincture Products

It is vital that CBD Oil Spray and Tincture product sellers get the answers they are seeking from growers about the CBD species and quality testing done. If they are unable to get that data they must move to better, more knowledgeable growers.

If all manufacturers of CBD products follow the right steps, growers will be impelled to grow only the top quality CBD species.

The result will be top-quality CBD oil, spray, and tinctures giving great outcomes for the public who use the products. This will bring the best results for the whole of the rapidly expanding global CBD industry.

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