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Vacationing in the United Kingdom during the Summer

Vacationing in the United Kingdom during the Summer

In 2022, the most beautiful destinations in the United Kingdom.

Vacationing in the United Kingdom during the Summer: The fantastic weather is one of the top reasons to visit the UK in the summer.

A long time of sunshine and warm temperatures (at least in comparison to what we’re used to in the UK) are appealing prospects.

Be prepared because the weather in the United Kingdom is notoriously unpredictable.

It may be difficult to find a silver lining in the midst of a worldwide pandemic wreaking destruction, but it occasionally helps to remain persistently joyful.

Due to the lockdowns and travel restrictions, many people have spent their vacations closer to home, getting to know the United Kingdom in ways they never anticipated.

The United Kingdom is small, but it packs a powerful punch in terms of breathtaking scenery, world-class attractions, and a good old-fashioned pub.

So, where should you go in 2022 in the United Kingdom? That’s a great question, and we’re happy to answer it.

Thanks to PCR testing and quarantines, adventures in the UK have never been more enticing. However, you don’t need such pitiful explanations to visit the region’s national parks, charming villages, and remote islands.

This is the best of the UK for 2022; prepare to fall in love all over again.

For many years, the United Kingdom has been a popular domestic and international travel destination. The number of visitors to the UK has reached an all-time high in recent years, with bookings from abroad to the UK increasing by 19% in 2019 to more than 1.5 billion.

With travel restrictions relaxed and the UK intending to abolish all social restrictions by the summer, the UK is expected to see an unprecedented increase in families attempting to book vacations to its most iconic cities this year.

united kingdom during the summer

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But, what are the best cities to visit in the United Kingdom?

For vacationers and tourists, various fascinating and equally spectacular places are easily accessible by public transportation outside of London.

We’ve compiled a list of the best places to visit in the United Kingdom. They are routinely ranked among the greatest in the British Isles and offer a wealth of tradition.

I hope you enjoy these places as much as I do.

The Scottish Hebrides

My top choice is the Scottish Hebrides. These islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Scotland are not only some of the most beautiful in the UK, but they are also a great place to get away from the summer crowds.

I’ve gone on two sailing adventures in the Inner Hebrides, visiting islands that most people never see. That means you can have the islands to yourself even during peak season.

During my week sailing in the Scottish Hebrides, I visited Mull, Iona, Lunga, Coll, and Ulva. It was incredible to see all of the puffins and other animals on my own.

I spent a week in the Scottish Hebrides, exploring Rum, Muck, Canna, and a remote Skye loch. Skye. It enabled access to one of the most remote locations in the United Kingdom, Inverie.

Scilly Isles

The Isles of Scilly are the next stop on my list of summer holiday destinations in the United Kingdom. These islands off the southwest coast of Cornwall are among the most picturesque in England.

This archipelago is rich in both natural and man-made beauty. With stunning beaches and busy harbours, it’s an excellent spot to reconnect with nature.

This portion of England has a lot to offer, from Tresco Abbey Garden, which features plant types from five continents and stunning arched remains, to seashore walks and the region’s renowned seafood.

Summer in the Isles of Scilly is without a doubt one of the most important times to visit for visitors wishing to take advantage of the islands’ long days, beautiful light, and outdoor activities.


Sark is another wonderful summer destination in the United Kingdom. To acquire a sense of another world while on the Normandy shore, travel to the Channel Islands.
Sark feels like a step back in time, with no cars and a mediaeval background that extend into the present.

Cycling to beaches, parks, and other local attractions is an excellent way to explore Sark.

Food is also necessary. The island’s seafood is some of the best I’ve eaten in my travels, and eating fresh lobster and scallops is a must.

Summer is an excellent time to visit Sark because the days are long and the weather is ideal for riding, strolling, and aquatic activities. There are also day tours to Guernsey to see more of the Channel Islands.

Northumberland’s Coast

Northumberland, in northern England, is one of the UK’s most undervalued and beautiful summer getaways.

The Northumberland coast is dotted with castles, beaches, and wonderful seafood restaurants.

From Bamburgh Castle to Dunstanburgh Castle, there are fortifications to please any history buff. A little further inland, Alnwick is home to one of England’s most recognisable castles.

Craster is famous for its kipper, Berwick-upon-Tweed is famous for its bridges, the Farne Islands are famous for their biodiversity, and Holy Island is famous for its mountaintop Lindisfarne Castle.

landscape with cherry trees

North Berwick

North Berwick, Scotland, is one of my favourite summer destinations in the United Kingdom. This beachfront gem near Edinburgh offers a fantastic mix of beach and city, as well as a hill with amazing views.

North Berwick’s shoreline is lined by long sandy beaches. Beautiful streets dotted with shops, cafes, and restaurants lie behind them. The setting is completed by colourful dwellings, which is a photographer’s dream.

Berwick Law is a breathtaking view that towers over the city. In the distance, everything from the Isle of May to the Firth of Forth may be seen.

North Berwick is an excellent summer destination since it converts the shoreline into an exquisite delight.

Summer evenings are ideal for eating fish and chips from a beach vendor.

Wales’ Snowdonia

Nobody likes to stand in line to climb Snowdon in the summer, but there are ways to explore this vast national park in North Wales and its surroundings without becoming overwhelmed by the people.

To make up for months wasted indoors, spend the night dangling over the ocean in a tent.

To get your heart rate up, take a rock climbing class and climb the peaks in the area the hard way.


Bath, a city that has long led the cultural scene, is one of the best places to visit in the UK. Throughout the year, there is a frenetic but high-quality festival schedule of live theatre, music, and literature, as well as plenty of evening entertainment at venues such as an arthouse cinema and a comedy club.

Since 1 AD, the Romans have built the city as a place to relax, as indicated by the spectrum of elegance and comfort in one spot. The Circus and the Royal Crescent are two of the city’s most important landmarks, with honey-coloured Georgian buildings found everywhere. As a result, it became one of America’s most well-known cities, as well as the most popular site in 18th-century society.

Nowadays, it is impossible to visit a city without seeing a museum or the magnificent Roman Baths, which were once the city’s primary social and purification centre. They are among the world’s best-preserved spas, with hot springs reaching 46 degrees Celsius.

There’s also the lovely Thermae Bath Spa, which offers a relaxing spa experience with excellent city views from its rooftop pool.


Edinburgh, as the capital of Scotland, is unsurprisingly the most popular tourist attraction in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh, a cosmopolitan centre for art, music, and all things cultural, also provides a taste of mediaeval history with the iconic Edinburgh Castle and Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Hundreds of people visit the city every year throughout the summer for the Fringe, the world’s largest arts event of its sort.
If you want to get away from the city and enjoy a wonderful panoramic view, take a trip to Arthur’s Seat, an ancient volcano.

Edinburgh and the surrounding rocky hills may be seen from the city’s highest point. Fortunately, the climb is not too difficult, so the entire family may enjoy the ascent to the summit.

Edinburgh, like your favourite novel, is a city you and your family will want to return to. There’s much for everyone to enjoy, including entertainment and tourism destinations, thanks to convenient access to the British rail network and magnificent scenery.

Not to mention Elephant House, the gourmet tea and coffee shop that inspired J.K. Rowling’s internationally acclaimed Harry Potter book series.


Fans of mediaeval architecture will not be disappointed at Norwich. Norwich, dubbed “Britain’s Perfect Medieval City,” is steeped in culture and history, from its majestic cathedral and stronghold to its 900-year-old market, which draws both locals and visitors.

The city demonstrates what happens when old and new combine, with cobblestone streets and half-timbered buildings serving as a backdrop for a vibrant student body that adds to the city’s tranquil atmosphere.

Because of its proximity to the Norfolk Broads and beaches, Norwich is an ideal place for further exploration.

Despite its convenient location, Norwich offers a variety of local eateries, cafés, and boutiques as an alternative to standard shopping.

One of these is the vibrant Biddy’s Tea Room, which is world-famous for its quirky design, delicious homemade afternoon tea, and a range of tastings.


There’s no denying that a visit to England’s capital city offers a plethora of opportunities for fun and adventure. To name a few, the Tower of London, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey are instantly recognisable elements of London, one of the world’s most visited cities.

Among the city’s centuries of history, many contemporary attractions, including The Shard and the Sky Garden, stand out.

Everyone will find something to like in London. Families may visit some of the city’s most popular attractions, such as the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and Madame Tussauds, as well as go shopping on world-famous Oxford Street or sit back and watch an exciting play at one of the West End’s most great theatres.

The capital is very cosmopolitan and full of many personalities, as seen by the stunning assortment of gastronomic, musical, and fashion options, as well as historic institutions fostering cultural diversity.

The Victoria and Albert Museum has magnificent historical art collections. Borough Market, Carnaby Street, and other market attractions reflect today’s diverse population and local traders.


Bristol is a wonderful alternative for families looking to visit one of the major cities in the UK. The New York Times just rated the city one of the best places to visit in the world.

Bristol is great for families who want to see as much of the UK as possible this summer. The SS Great Britain is a must-see large navy ship that houses much of Britain’s maritime history and is undoubtedly one of the most iconic landmarks in the area.

It’s a great educational facility with an onboard museum and classrooms, and the admission is reasonable.

Bristol, on the other hand, has much more to offer than its maritime history, such as the Christmas Steps. Despite the name, these well-known steps are actually a modest 17th-century street lined with fine boutiques and galleries.

Stokes Croft is also a lively neighbourhood with a variety of cafes, restaurants, and pubs excellent for grabbing a bite to eat and sampling food from local vendors.


Manchester was the origin of the British Industrial Revolution, did you know? As a result, you can see the well-known “Worker Bee” sign all throughout town. Creativity, discovery, and growth remain important components of the city’s history, owing to the fact that it has produced some of the world’s top musicians, like Oasis and The Smiths.

Do you want to see the best in the city? Manchester has so much to offer that you’ll want to return, whether you’re a frequent day-tripper or want to immerse yourself in the city’s culture for a few days.

There’s a lot to see and do here, from arts and crafts to excellent dining and shopping, and the summer months are especially active.

You should go to the Northern Quarter, a bohemian maze of backstreets between Piccadilly Circus and the High Street that is home to galleries, odd eateries, and enterprises.

If you want a calmer and more autonomous atmosphere, Beech Road in Chorlton offers a significantly more relaxed ambience with its dining terraces and open green spaces.

Admire the architecture of the city’s exquisite Albert Square Town Hall and St. Peter’s Square Central Library.

They are a must-see for everyone interested in sightseeing and researching listed structures in the UK. They have quite different styles, but they are both remarkable in terms of architectural integrity.

Finally, after a full day of sightseeing, a journey to Ancoats is required. Ancoats, a canal-side Manchester neighbourhood, is a popular hangout for foodies and students. It is one of the city’s most popular neighbourhoods, thanks to its many independent cafes and restaurants, including the city’s first Michelin-starred restaurant since 1977.


With its emotive appeal, colossal architecture, and distinct intellectual traditions. As a result, Cambridge is consistently regarded as one of the best cities in the United Kingdom.

Despite having a world-class institution, Cambridge is significantly smaller than Oxford. Nonetheless, there is no shortage of activities for visitors. There is always something to do in the city, with a range of world-renowned museums, galleries, live entertainment festivals, theatres, and retail complexes.

Of course, the most important aspect of the city is its educational history, which includes the highly regarded University of Cambridge and its 30-plus colleges. Parking is tough to come by in this little town. Even so, you may walk through the narrow alleyways and cobblestone pathways and virtually walk in the footsteps of countless prime leaders, award-winning scientists, writers, and poets.

The most enjoyable aspect is scouting out the greatest Cam River vistas, whether you go alone or with a professional guide.

The majority of the city is also car-free, which makes sightseeing much more enjoyable. Of course, the cobblestone streets are mostly occupied by students and bicycles, but they keep the city quieter than the boisterous traffic.

There are also plenty of green spaces, such as the University Botanic Gardens, open parks, and the nearby Grantchester Meadows, which is ideal for a summer family picnic.


Brighton is one of the congested seaside cities vying with London for the title of the greatest city in the United Kingdom. For families looking for some fresh air, the city, which is strategically located between the seaside and the Sussex countryside, provides a choice of attractions and activities.

The city is also perfectly located for access to the UK capital, London, making it a popular family vacation destination.

Palace Pier, one of the primary visitor attractions, offers thrilling rides, amusement arcades, and cool sea-themed cuisine. Next door is Sea Life Brighton, a Victorian aquarium where you can learn more about the species that live in the world’s oceans – and even watch them swim over your head in the underwater tunnel!

Brighton is a historic city with bustling beach attractions. It’s full of tiny ancient streets and charming stores that have been passed down from generation to generation. It also features the world-famous Royal Pavilion, an exotic coastal villa erected in 1787 for the pleasure of King George IV.

How much does a trip to the United Kingdom cost?

Naturally, the answer is – it depends! Many variables must be considered, including your travel style (from budget to luxury), who you will travel with (solo, family, group), and the type of trip you want to take (self-drive, group tour, etc.).

Then there are the sights to see, the time of year to travel – there are so many variables to consider. It makes addressing this question more difficult!

In general, travel in the United Kingdom should cost between £75 to £200 per person per day.

This cost is decided by your vacation style, destinations visited, mode of transportation used, and food preferences.

There are various ways to travel in the United Kingdom.

To begin, the United Kingdom has an excellent public transportation system that includes long-distance buses (commonly referred to as coaches in the UK), a solid rail network, and numerous low-cost airlines.

Whenever possible, we prefer to travel by automobile throughout the United Kingdom (and abroad). We believe that this gives us the most flexibility because we can stop anytime we choose and are not constrained by a timetable.

Of course, depending on the nature of your vacation, this may not be the ideal option; for example, if you are solely interested in seeing cities, we recommend utilising public transit.

The rental cost in the United Kingdom

Budget: £100-£150 a week for a small car that can accommodate two people and their possessions.

Mid-range: £200-£300 a week for a mid-size car seating four people including luggage.

High-end: £400-£600 per week for a small SUV or car that seats more than five passengers.

I hope my list of the best summer places to visit in the UK has inspired you to see more of the country during the warmer months.

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