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The Benefits of Kava Root – What Is Kava Root?

The Benefits of Kava Root

Most CBD firms provide the same basic items, which means that just a handful are keeping up with changing consumer preferences. We are devoted to meeting and surpassing expectations as one of the most renowned and innovative companies in our business. At CBDistillery®, you’ll discover an incredible range of items with increased cannabinoid profiles and supplements chosen to complement certain features of our full spectrum (and broad spectrum) hemp extracts, which are included in our Synergy Collection.

The Synergy Collection from CBDistillery® includes tinctures, gummies, drink mixes, and capsules in four health and wellness categories. Wellness Synergy contains three distinct vegan-friendly pills. Our Functional Synergy Capsules, for example, are created with increased doses of CBN (cannabinol), CBG (cannabigerol), and a variety of adaptogenic mushrooms. Our most recent addition combines our pure, strong hemp extract with kava root, a supplement with several potential advantages of its own. We think you’ll like how each plant extract enhances the effect of the others.

What Is Kava Root? 

Benefits of Kava Root Learn More

Kava (Piper Methysticum) is a plant indigenous to the Western Pacific. The tall, shrub-like plant’s roots are often gathered for its active plant constituents, kavalactones. Although kava plants contain 18 different forms of kavalactones, only six are thought to contribute to the calming, relaxing effects associated with kava root supplements. The plant extract is frequently prescribed for muscular tension, stress, and a good night’s sleep. Although it is not intoxicating, high doses of kava root extract might produce sleepiness. 1,2

How Does Kava Root Benefit Health and Wellness? 

The effect of kavalactones on the central nervous system is associated with kava root’s health and wellness potential. Although the majority of the evidence for kava’s usage is based on animal studies and a small number of clinical trials, current research shows that it has significant anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective qualities. 3

Although there are various sources that claim kavalactones can aid with physical discomfort and immune system support, kava supplements are most commonly used to relieve muscular tension, reduce the impact of stress, and promote restful sleep. Its soothing, relaxing effects are a direct result of kavalactones’ influence on serotonin, dopamine, and GABA, neurotransmitters associated with mood and emotional control, sleep cycles, stress reactions, and more. 4 Research also suggests that it may be beneficial for increasing mood, creativity, and attention. 5

Kava Root Paired with Hemp-Derived CBD

When you look into the various potential benefits of utilizing kava root and hemp-derived CBD separately, you’re bound to come across a list of benefits that appear to overlap. However, you’ll quickly learn that the active ingredients in hemp extract, kavalactones, and cannabinoids, produce those outcomes in distinct ways. Kava root extract has an immediate effect on neurotransmitter levels in the brain. The cannabinoids in hemp oil produced from the stalks, stems, and flowers of naturally farmed hemp interact with the same receptors as well as the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, the regulatory system responsible for practically every critical function in your body (ECS). 6,7

Based on the comments of approximately 2000 CBD users, the majority of individuals report positive effects when using our hemp-derived CBD tinctures, topicals, softgels, and candies for post-exercise soreness, improved sleep, and relaxation. The majority of our survey respondents also report that CBD relieves mild or temporary anxiety and helps to relax their brains. We combined our high-quality full-spectrum hemp oil with kava root extract to see whether it may boost those purported effects and generate a sense of inner calm and tranquillity.

Calm Synergy and Functional Synergy Capsules: Can I Mix and Match?

Yes, you may alter product kinds as your needs vary. In fact, most CBD consumers who responded to our poll said they got the best benefits by utilizing various products on a daily basis, as opposed to using a single product on its own. If you’re looking for the combined benefits of numerous CBD products, start your day with a tincture, softgel, or gummy for general ECS support, then add a Functional Synergy Capsule for focus as required, and unwind with a product targeted for rest and relaxation later in the day. You have an option.

Although the only way to know how you’ll feel taking any combination of CBD products throughout the day is to try them, the descriptions of our vegan-friendly Wellness Synergy capsules below may help you determine which combination is most suited to your requirements.

Functional Synergy Focus Blend Mushroom Capsules 

CBDistillery® Functional Synergy Focus Combination Mushroom Capsules provide the advantages of an increased cannabinoid profile as well as a blend of adaptogenic mushroom supplements, which were chosen to assist enhance the focus-boosting capabilities of our hemp-derived CBD. Each capsule contains 15mg of CBG, 15mg of CBD, plus 300mg of lion’s mane and cordyceps, two nutrient-rich fungi that have been added for energy, endurance, and focus. 8 We recommend using 1-2 Focus Blend Capsules each day.

Functional Synergy Unwind Blend Mushroom Capsules 

Our Functional Synergy Unwind Blend Mushroom Capsules combine the effects of our full spectrum CBD oil, CBN (cannabinol), and a range of functional mushrooms, including reishi and changa, that are typically suggested for rest and relaxation (300mg each). This sleep-specific formula’s botanical mix may be precisely what you need to decompress and unwind after a stressful day so you can get the rest you need for a brighter tomorrow. Each container contains 30 capsules.

 Calm Synergy Kava Root Capsules

Our Peaceful Synergy Kava Root Capsules, the most recent addition to our product range, are particularly designed to produce a sensation of calm relaxation. Because the CBD and many other minor cannabinoids in our full-spectrum hemp extract enhance ECS function, the kava root may provide you with a sense of next-level peace. Each capsule contains 30mg of CBD and 400mg of kava root extract (120mg kavalactones), a dosage of each botanical that appears to be effective for the majority of individuals. Although we recommend 1-2 Calm Synergy Capsules per day, you are free to substitute items according to your requirements.

Does Kava Root Extract Have Side Effects?

conversion copywritingAnything you put in or on your body, even plant-based supplements, has the potential to create a response or adverse effect. Having said that, you might be interested to hear that the World Health Organization has found that plant extracts represent an “acceptably low level” of risk. Although the most recent data suggests that kava root extract is usually safe for most healthy individuals, it may not be appropriate for everyone. If you have a medical condition, are taking medication, or have questions regarding CBD products infused with kava root, please see your doctor. Cannabinoids produced from hemp and many other botanical compounds, including kava root, have the potential to interact with prescription and over-the-counter drugs. 9

Make Calm Synergy Your New Favorite Product 

Kavalactones appear to have a soothing effect on the central nervous system, which has been linked to an overall sense of well-being. The combination of kavalactones found in kava root and our full-spectrum hemp-derived cannabinoids may be precisely what you need to restore your sense of inner calm.

Visit CBDistillery® to obtain The Ultimate CBD User Guide to learn more about ECS function or some of the numerous potential advantages of ECS support. Then consider looking through the goods in our Synergy Collection. Every product we sell has been third-party tested and is certified by the US Hemp-Authority®. View the third-party test results on our product pages or scan the QR code printed on every label to confirm our dedication to offering pure, powerful products.


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